Business building • Investing • Mentoring

Benjamin Ranck

Director & Principal

Technology. Strategy. General Management.

  • Building high volume transactional systems of Internet scale.
  • Communicating up and down the management chain to ensure alignment from the board to individual software engineers.

Oliver Ranck


Marketing & Branding. Operations. General Management.

  • Creating awareness and driving sales from digital campaigns with millions of impressions.
  • Integrating acquisitions and scaling operations.

Project Snapshot

We have built companies. We have helped companies scale up. We have acquired companies. We're a multi-discplinary team that enjoys tackling hard problems and working with great people. Here's a few things we've been working on.

Future Neutral

Carbon Offset for retail at Built over 2 years from the ground up. Now part of the GreenFleet family.


Oliver has been awarded top 50 in e-commerce for 2022 and both directors have experience in the industry.

Kosu Coconut Sugar

Kosu is an end to end e-commerce project, with all facets of a DTC e-commerce business including sourcing, packaging, logistics, marketing, and aquisition.

Kosu takes a sustainable approach to the sugar industry with a small batch, organic farm based approach.

Mentoring & Advisory

Working both formally and informally Benjamin & Oliver work with entrepreneurs to maximise their potential and share their experiences.

Get in touch

Drop us a note and see how we could co-invest, co-contribute or share some scar tissue.